Therapy and New Medication

Therapy is so important! I did not realize how much I depended on my weekly sessions with my therapist until I missed one. I need that outlet to talk and vent and put things in perspective. I don’t care if your bipolar, depressed, or totally “normal” seeing a therapist is a good thing.

I get to go to therapy this morning and I’m pretty excited about it. My therapist must see how dependent I am because she isn’t even in the office this week but said she would come in to see me.

So I also had a visit to my psychiatrist last week. The nightmares have gotten really bad. I was having them at least 3 times a week. My doctor put me in a new medication that is used to treat PTSD nightmares and increased my anxiety medication.

The first night I took the new medication I woke up suddenly and hallucinated to the point that I was screaming. The next night was better and I’ve been on it for 7 nights and had no nightmares so that’s great. My cholesterol is still high and my doctor is concerned about my weight gain. I gained almost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. One medication I’m on has really bad side effects like that so he is doing blood work at the next appointment to check my levels again.

I hate that there isn’t another option I have to be on bipolar medication and (hopefully) be stable but live with terrible side effects. I wish I didn’t need medication.

Oh well. I’m kind of having a pity party this morning. My weight gain has really brought me down.

On a completely different note, my husband has decided he’s ready to have another baby. Yeah right.


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