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Healthy Lifestyle

So I have accepted my diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. I don’t argue with it, I don’t deny it. But lately I have been researching what I can do, besides medication, that can help me feel better and stabilize my mood. I know the first thing I need to do is eliminate enriched breads. I have a gene mutation that makes it so my body does not process folic acid, in fact it actually hurts my body when I have folic acid. So I am purposefully removing any enriched grains and pasta that have folic acid in them. I am trying to eat more vegetables but that is not going well.

My psychiatrist has encouraged me to lose 15 pounds to help with lowering my cholesterol (Yes I’m 22 and have high cholesterol). So the removal of bread helps me cut out some carbs and hopefully lose some weight. I have been walking at least 3 miles every day and trying to get in some core workouts. I am also just adding in things that make me feel better about myself in general.

So here is a breakdown of my plan:

  1. Cut out 80% of my carbs and all enriched foods
  2. Walk or do a cardio workout every day
  3. Stop biting my nails
  4. Take care of my skin
  5. Clean my house!! I have realized that the clutter in my house really contributes to my anxiety
  6. Lastly, I have started “gardening” I have a couple of plants on my front porch to take care of and even bought a strawberry plant

This is my intentions to live a healthier lifestyle that contributes to the work my medication is doing. I am not considering going off of medication because I know right now I need it to be stable, but my husband and I have been talking about when we want to try for another baby. The reality is that none of my medications are safe for pregnancy. So my goal is to learn how to be as stable as possible with or without medication.


I add in those quote from Carrie Fisher because I can relate to how she feels. I take medication three times a day as well and it is a constant reminder that I cannot function normally without medication. If I miss a dose, I feel the effects and to be completely honest, that makes me feel like shit.

So here is to living a healthy life, using medication, diet, attitude, or whatever. We can all strive to be as healthy as possible.


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