Positive Thinking

Since a lot of my recent posts have been kind of negative lately I’m going to try to change things up. I know there are good things happening in my life but sometimes I get so consumed with my disorder I don’t recognize them. So I am going to try to think of 10 good things:

  1. We rented out a room in our house last week for the Masters Tournament so extra $$$
  2. My lawsuit settlement finally came in from my knee injury so more extra $$$
  3. It’s tax refund time so even more extra $$$ (Yes I’m obsessed with money because that is a big source of stress in my life)
  4. My husband started school a few weeks ago and he is doing so good!
  5. The weather has been absolutely perfect here which means open windows and dinner on the front porch every night
  6. My physical symptoms (dizziness, headaches, nausea) have finally let up a little bit and most days I feel better
  7. I have done a work out three days in a row and I’m about to go on a long walk with a friend
  8. I lost 3 pounds (My doctor said I need to lose 15, I have high cholesterol (I’m 22 and not overweight, I just eat really unhealthy and it runs in the family)
  9. I have really great friends in the neighborhood who include me in fun activities
  10. I am drinking a wonderful cup of coffee right now to start my day off right

There are 10 positive things. It was harder then I thought and you might think some of them are dumb but to each their own. I recently wrote that blog post about thoughts ( Mental Illness ) and I still don’t do a very good job of controlling mine. It is not just enough to push the suicidal thoughts out but I need to bring in good thoughts to replace them.



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